Our Company History

  • 1976 Company was founded as W.MÜLLER KG in Lohmar-Donrath, Germany.
  • 1995 Expanded business by purchasing larger production facility and moving headquarters to Troisdorf-Spich, Germany.
  • 1996 Extensive lab operation was set up in Lohmar-Donrath with a MÜLLER-designed and manufactured co-extrusion blow molding machine.
  • 1997 W.MÜLLER USA Inc. was founded in West Springfield, MA-USA.
  • 1998 Company in Germany was re-named W.MÜLLER GmbH.
  • 2000 Expansion of the engineering offices in Germany, doubles the space by adding a complete floor to the office building.
  • 2002 Our product range increases by developing and manufacturing horizontal extruders.
  • 2004 W. MÜLLER USA Inc. adds staff and services. A 6,500 square foot facility is purchased to set up and implement a full lab for sampling of containers up to CoEx 7 layers.
  • 2004 To combine the operations in Lohmar-Donrath and Troisdorf-Spich, Germany, a larger building in Troisdorf-Spich is purchased.
  • 2004 In addition to the company founders; Willi and Karin Müller, Brigitte Müller (Chief Executive Officer) and Dipl.-Ing Christian Müller (Chief Operations Officer) are appointed to direct the company and secure the future.
  • 2008 Expansion of the in-house lab in Germany with the addition of a second double-station machine.
  • 2008 The in-house lab moves into a separate facility.
  • 2009 A 5-axis rotational milling center is purchased which significantly decreases the manufacturing time of our parts with very complex geometry and allows W. MÜLLER to produce the highest quality parts possible.
  • 2011 A 5-axis milling center is purchased which allows the manufacturing of all heavy parts up to 2,5 metric tons.
  • 2013 The company founder Willi Müller is inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame (posthumously)
  • 2016 W. MÜLLER celebrates 40-year anniversary
  • 2017 W. MÜLLER USA Inc. celebrates 20-year-anniversary
One of the first in-house designed extrusion heads
W. MÜLLER KG in Lohmar-Donrath
A view in the production in the 80's
The production floor today
View from a different angle
We commemorate

We sadly miss our senior chief and company founder Willi Müller, who passed away November 14, 2013
at the age of 76. Those who could witness his life work know with how much commitment and passion
he built up his company and what great care he had for his employees.


Whoever worked like you in life,
who did his duty and always gave his best,
never dies, not even in death.

Willi Müller

We are saddened to announce that a gracious and wonderfaul man has departed our lives....

On behalf of;
Karin (Schiffbauer) Müller
Brigitte Müller and Dirk Mischkowski
Christian Müller and Anja Stollwerk
And many other relatives

Willi Müller

We grieve for him and we want to express our gratefulness and respect
by continuing his life work.

Thank you Boss!

The employees of

Am Senkelsgraben 20, DE-53842 Troisdorf
1163, Suffield Street, USA-Agawam, MA 01001