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Johannes Schwarz, new Sales Manager at W. MÜLLER

Troisdorf-Spich, March 2020. Johannes Schwarz has been head of sales at W. MÜLLER GmbH, manufacturer of extrusion hose heads, since 1st February 2020. Schwarz is a proven industry professional with over 20 years of experience, among other things as managing director, production manager and sales manager at large European blow moulding companies.

Schwarz says that the primary goals for the years ahead are the expansion and marketing of the existing W. MÜLLER product range. One focus will be on the development of new extruder and blow moulding technologies, for example for the processing of post-consumer recyclable materials (PCR) in multilayer systems for packaging applications. In addition, Schwarz plans to establish a new technology for foaming blow-molded items. "In the future, W. MÜLLER will focus on all aspects of producing an optimum parison for blow moulding, and will therefore increasingly offer extruders and complete solutions in order to be able to supply customers with essential parts for the extrusion process from a single source, in addition to the proven extrusion heads", says Schwarz. "In doing this, we will meet our own high quality standards in all areas. Regionally, we will make use of - among other things - the high market potential in Asia."

Founded in 1976, W. MÜLLER GmbH is a family owned company based in Troisdorf Spich and is already being run on the market by the second generation. Its portfolio covers extrusion heads and extruders for blow moulding. The systems are frequently used in the production of packaging, including multilayer items. They are compatible with all common blow moulding machines and are also available as a retrofit kit. All products are characterised by high quality, low maintenance and ease of use, supplemented by comprehensive customer service with competent advice, along with short response times for spare parts deliveries and technician assignments. In addition, all employees of the company participate in a continuous further training programme in order to be prepared for the demands of the future.


For more information:Editorial contact, specimen copies:
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Interview with Johannes Schwarz

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International trade fair for plastics and rubber

Hall 22 / A 23

Compensation of our long-haul flights

This year, for the second time, we decided not to send Christmas presents around the world.

Instead, we try to use the Feast of Charity in the best sense of the word and to pass on to projects that work for the benefit of society, the environment or development aid.

This year our choice fell on compensating our long-haul flights. Compensating for flights has become a popular compensation for flights that could not be avoided. Here, the emitted CO² is converted into a value, which can then be donated to climate protection projects all over the world. Of course, non-flying consumes the least CO² emissions.
However, this can not be completely avoided in our day-to-day business and sometimes a personal visit to our customers and local partners is also very important to us.
Therefore, we compensated for our unavoidable emissions from 74,000 kg in 2019, increased them to 100,000 kg and donated them for a project in India, in which clean drinking water is provided to the inhabitants. In India, more than 2 million children die each year from diseases transmitted, inter alia, via drinking water. With a system in which the drinking water is chemically cleaned, this danger can be prevented and the inhabitants are supplied with clean, safe drinking water!

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Your sample at a glance

How to demonstrate the versatility of our extrusion heads better than with the produced products?

We developed three different sample bags, which demonstrate the versatility and our high quality standard based on sample bottles. 
And they are useful! They have the perfect size to be used for your personal care products when you are travelling. They have a capacity of 70ml and they are placed in a 1L sponge bag, which is authorized to be carried in your hand luggage when you travel by air. 

There are three different topics: CoEx, Eye-Catcher and Sustainability. In each of theese Topic-bags, 4 bottles are placed, each with its individual characteristics the extrusion head gave them. A W. MÜLLER extrusion head.

Read more about the characteristics of your samples...