Co-Extrusion demands the use of high-quality  extruders, in particular to plasticize functional layers that consist of special raw materials.

The key requirements placed on these extruders are:

  • High melt quality for the production of extremely thin layers
  • Constant and consistent output for uniform plastification
  • Gentle processing of sensitive raw materials
  • Low wear and maintenance operation

In order to meet these demands, we offer in-house developed extruders for horizontal and vertical installation.

The following sizes are available:

18/25D Vertical
25/25D Vertical/Horizontal
30/25D Vertical/Horizontal
35/25D Vertical/Horizontal
40/25D Vertical/Horizontal
40/25D HDVertical
50/25D Horizontal
50/25D WTHorizontal
60/25D Horizontal
60/25D WTHorizontal
75/25D WTHorizontal
90/25D WTHorizontal
100/25D WTHorizontal

120/25D WT


*HD – High Output, *WT – Heat Separated Barrel


As with our extrusion heads, we also provide customized extruders.