WMCR: W. MÜLLER Certified Refits

The following extrusion heads have been checked by us and are available for short-time needs.
We are also happy to make changes or extensions to the heads. Just contact us:

Here or via sales[at]w-mueller-gmbh.de


Referencenr.  headtype #
max. Diesize
(in mm)
(in mm)
max. throughput/
parison (kg/h)
total throughput
max. (kg/h)
 Material  viewstripe
127515S4/25-60 T-PE, DeCo22**254602080(HD)PE, PPNein
18891S12/25-50 T-PE125125020240(HD)PE, PPNein
12282S4/35-100 T-PE, DeCo22*35410030120(HD)PE, PPNein
126012S4/35(60)-100 T-PE135410045180(HD)PE, PPNein
123814S6/35-100 T-PE135610035210(HD)PE, PPNein
123815S6/35-100 T-PE135610035210(HD)PE, PPNein
21899S8/35-100 T-PE135810035280(HD)PE, PPNein
124748S1/60 P-PE, CoEx66601-2020CoEx6Ja
12233S10/60-125 T-PE1601012550500(HD)PE, PPNein
12717S6/90-170 T-PE190617080480(HD)PE, PPNein


*   10-15% - outside, 85-90% - inside
** 70% - outside, 30% - inside